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Flight Connections 05-20-12


Sorry I've been away for a while. I've been busy writing and trying to sell my screenplay called "Lawrence of Canada". So far, no takers.

New York Times: The Jets' offense hears Tony Sparano clear, and loud.

ESPN New York: Karl Dunbar hasn't let his skin condition be a hindrance.

Wall Street Journal: TIm Tebow renames his dog to fit with New York.

The Record: Tebowmania's effect is the big unknown.

Daily News: Matt Cavanaugh says that Mark Sanchez's turnovers come from poor decision-making.

Star Ledger: Bill Cowher says that Santonio Holmes is ready to move on.

New York Post: Holmes has impressed Sanjay Lal. Wayne Hunter is in a Connecticut state of mind.

The Metro: Hunter and Aaron Maybin are beginning the season anew.

Jets Insider: How simplifying the offense could improve the running game.

JetNation: The Jets partner with United Way NYC.

CBS New York: Marty Lyons' impact is stronger than ever.

Associated Press: Art Monk is named to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Lastly, is this the former Jet Justin Miller?