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What This Offseason Tells Us: Running Back

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It feels like more than a decade since there was a draft where we didn't take a RB. Everyone says Rex loves his CBs, but RB is the position he has always drafts without fail. This draft strategy compliments Rex's ground and pound mentality. First he drafted Shonn Greene to compliment and replace Thomas Jones. Then came Joe McKnight to replace Leon Washington. In 2011, we picked Powell to give Greene a rest from all the punishment he takes throughout the year. We can't forget John Connor either. He was brought in to replace the future Hall of Famer, Tony Richardson. Last April, the Rex/Tanny connection brought in Terrance Ganaway.

Ganaway is a big, thunderous back, who can hit the whole harder than most players at the same position. His running style reminds me of LeGarrette Blount, only Ganaway has much better hands, ability to change directions, and character. Powell hasn't proved at all, that he can be called upon to do anything. If either Greene or McKnight went down with an injury last year, we would have been in a lot of trouble. I am glad the Jets made this pick, so I won't have the same worry going into this year.

What this tells me is that Rex and Tanny are covering all their bases at the running back position. They saw the same Powell we did last year. If Greene goes down, the last person he would want to count on to pound the rock between the tackles, is Powell. Ganaway gives Rex some options. If Bilal doesn't miraculously get better, Rex has Ganaway to call on. There is another reason to like this move. Shonn Greene is a free agent next year, and we are going to be short on cash. If Ganaway shows Rex a lot of good snaps, for the few snaps he will get, they might be ok with letting Greene walk.

What I think will happen is Rex will give Ganaway and McKnight a lot of opportunities to show what they can do. If we can't find a way to bring back "War Machine," we will need a replacement. This replacement will either come from someone we already have, or we will draft someone. Either way, my money is on us drafting another RB next year no matter what happens with Greene.

**FYI** The Jets have their 1st day of OTAs on Tuesday the 22nd.