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Praise School: Santonio Holmes? Present Sir!

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If you have been livingunder a rock recently, you may not have noticed that the Jets are currently undergoing some public positive reinforcement training for their players. Tebow, Hunter, Ducasse have all been praised by their respective position coaches, and now it's Santonio Holmes turn. A player who probably needs a little positive public endorsement after his late season antics.

Well step up Sanjay Lal who spoke to the New York Post:

"very eager, very football-hungry, very competitive."

"He loves coaching technique as much as I do," Lal said. "So, when we go out there he’ll take his rep and then he’ll help with the technique with the rest of the guys. He knows what I’m looking for. He sees it a lot through my eyes and I see it through his eyes. It’s a good synergy I’d say."

Although I wasn't too impressed with Holmes antics towards the back end of the season. You can understand his frustration, on numerous occasions he was open and Sanchez just missed him, but as a captain (terrible idea) you have to control your frustration, you have to turn that into determination. Work harder with the young QB to improve your timing together, don't act out, miss team meetings and then fight in the huddle.

It's a clean slate in 2012. So far the feeling in camp is that he is here to work hard, and that 2011 is in the past. It all came tumbling down but that doesn't mean it can't be re-built. He's being paid to be elite, lets hope his performance reflects his salary.