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Kenrick Ellis Agrees to Plea Deal

Kenrick Ellis, via <a href=""></a>
Kenrick Ellis, via

Hey guys. Fantastic news today. Kenrick Ellis, our third round draft pick last year and rumored love-child of The Hulk and Frankenstein will agree to a plea deal in his ongoing criminal case. As you may recall, Ellis is being charged with beating a man in a bar. Ellis' defense is that it was self-defense, as the man came after Ellis' girlfriend with intent to harm her. He is pleading guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge of assault and battery, despite continuing claims of his innocence and self-defense. Ellis will have to serve 90 days in jail, although it may be possible to defer that until the next offseason. This deal is important because it downgrades the charge from a deportable felony. That is, with the reduced charge, he won't be deported to back to Jamaica, which was obviously a concern.

Despite the 90 day jail sentence, this is obviously great news for the Jets, since Ellis won't be forced to leave the country. Ellis likely took the deal, despite his claims of innocence, because it's easier to just do 90 days in jail than have to be worried about deportation and losing his future in the NFL. In any case, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Edit: Here's a good article by Jenny Vrentas on the subject.