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Jets Sign K Josh Brown

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Today, Josh Brown, the veteran kicker, was cut from the St. Louis Rams. Almost immediately, he was picked up by the New York Jets. Brown has a career FG percentage of 80%, kicking for 75% last season. He has been in the league for nine years and is 33 years old. Compare that to Nick Folk, who is 78% for his career and 76% last season. Folk is also 27 and has been in the league for just five years.

It's clear the Jets are starting to value competition more at training camp for the kicker position. We shall soon see Brown's contract figures, and if he is intended to be competition, or just a straightforward replacement for Folk. The Jets have also signed Swayze Waters, another veteran kicker, to provide competition as well.

I count myself in the Nick Folk fan club for his clutch kicks the past two years. He obviously could use more consistency, but I generally feel pretty good when he goes out there to kick. I know there are others who disagree. But what do you all think? Is this a good signing?