Trading Up/Staying Put/Trading Down - Who you got?

As the draft gets closer and closer (it honestly can't come any sooner for me) I've begun to get intrigued by how the Jets will approach the draft. As everyone knows, "Trader Mike" Tannenbaum has a penchant for trading up in the draft. In the past this has netted the Jets quite a few good players such as Darrelle Revis, David Harris and Mark Sanchez. Understandably though, many fans don't want the Jets to trade back this year, as frankly there are really a heck of a lot of holes this team needs to fill and wasting draft picks to move up isn't gonna help that any. The other options are obviously to stay put, or to move down. Moving down can be quite an intriguing option as it's very likely that some of the Jets top targets will be off the board when the Jets go on the clock at at # 16, while many of the better pass rushing prospects figure to still be around in the mid-20's.

That being said, this post is mainly here to see what the good folks here (and despite what people have tried saying about us lately, we ARE good folks) think about the draft strategy. Now, since I know that most people don't wanna trade up, I'm gonna throw a monkey wrench into the equation because I would rather see how guys (and yes, gals too, FBMom and MDGeekyGRL) respond to that.

Here goes......

Trading Up: Listen, I know absolutely nobody actually wants us to trade up. However, we still have to be fully cognizant of the fact that under the supreme stewardship of Tanny, this is a very real possibility.

So, assuming that he DOES trade up, the question becomes - whom would you like to see him do it for - is there any player that really whets your football appetite that you don't think will last to #16, but you'd really really love to see him in Green and White? How far up would you trade for him? Is there a projected top 10 player (i.e. Justin Blackmon, Trent Richardson) that if you suddenly so him slide down to #11 or so, you wouldnt have a MAJOR issue with trading up for him. Who you got?

Staying Put: This is really a 2 part question: 1) Which player projected to be picked at around #16 would you most like to see the Jets draft? Is there an order of preference? Do you want a safety, RT, WR, OLB, MLB? 2) If certain players weren't available at #16, would you want to trade down? How far?

Trading Down: Assuming that the Jets do in fact decide to trade down (after all, Tanny is still "Trader Mike") then who is it you would like to see the Jets go after? Do you still want to go after the same position you would have wanted them to look at #16? Does it change due to different players being available.

Knock yourselves out below fellas

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