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Quinton Coples "Feels Good To Call This Place Home"

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Quinton Coples, our first round selection and future defensive player of the year (positive vibes people) sat down and talked about what he will bring to the team and what Jets fans can expect from him

On his visit to the Jets pre-draft:

I just met with the coached and the GM, started talking and they started to understand me more, we just fell in love with each other. They started hearing my story, respected me for the man that I was and the things I went through in life.

On going into the locker room, looking around and seeing his jersey:

Unbelievable, like a dream come true. You don't think the day will come where you will become a NFL player.

On his relationship with Rex Ryan:

He's definitely a great coach, defensive minded and he's definitely going to make me the best player that I can be. I couldn't ask for a better coach or a better program, this is definitely the best fit for me and I'm just proud to be a Jet

On what he will bring to the team:

Versatility, I can play all across the line, I think that's going to help us.....we have talent across the board, the sky is the limite for us.

Message to the fans:

I'll bring versatility and I'm definitely passionate about the game. I trained and worked hard to get to this point and now I'm here I'm ready to become a proud Jet and move forward.