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New York Jets Select, Robert T Griffin, OG/T Baylor

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Back to back selections, and we bring in some offensive line help with Robert Griffin.....the other Robert Griffin.

He can play right guard, left guard, centre and maybe some right tackle as well. Griffin is 6'6 and 335 lb's, his future will rest at right guard. He may well be the replacement for Brandon Moore. I don't know a great deal about Griffin to be honest, so I'll have to do some research and update the post.

He started 22 of his 26 games at Baylor at either right guard or right tackle, and was named an All-Big 12 first- or second-team. He was a player who the Jets brought in for a visit so it's not surprising to him selected. He does have experience at the right tackle position so we might open that up for him.

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