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GGN Profiles on Jets Draft Picks

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Our own David Wyatt wrote Draft profiles on all three players the Jets have selected in the 2012 NFL Draft. They are linked below with an excerpt from each. Read these and see one of about ten thousand reasons we're lucky to have David write for GGN.

Quinton Coples

Buyer beware! the real bottom line is you are getting a guy who can be as good as he wants to be. He has everything that you need to be a success. Does he want it enough? I think he does. I think he was worried about injury in 2011, just by watching some UNC games. When the spotlight is really on, this is a guy who is going to want to come out and make an impression.

Stephen Hill

I am more than happy to go on record and state that I think Stephen Hill has as much talent and as much potential as Demaryius Thomas. Route running and concentration to catch footballs is two things that NFL coaches will be able to help with. When you can get an athlete and physical presence like Stephen and not give up a first or a second round selection, well it's an absolute bargain.


Here I'm saying I want them to draft this guy.

Demario Davis

In case you haven't already guessed it, I think this guy is going to be a complete steal in this draft. I have seen him being projected as low as the 6th round in this draft. However after his pro day and workouts for scouts and after more film breakdown is watched. I think he'll go in the 3rd round. That's a pretty bold prediction but I really like this guy's game.