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Demario Davis Pick Approval Rating

One thing I have felt the Jets desperately needed was to get faster at the linebacker position. Demario Davis fits that bill with 4.5 40 speed. While not necessarily the cover linebacker the Jets need, Davis has the raw tools to stay with running backs and tight ends if he can be coached up.

For next year, I am very, very concerned about the lack of a quality right tackle on this team. I do not think, however, you can Draft thinking small picture. Teams need to add the guy they think will provide the most over the long run. Reaching for need might make sense in the short term, but teams regret it.

I think Davis has good potential. I am always optimistic about the job this coaching staff can do with athletic defensive players to mold. The first two picks left me a bit excited but also a bit uneasy. This one is more simple. I really like it.