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Does the Selection of Demario Davis Mean the End of Bart Scott in New York?

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Since the day the season ended, there have been rumors that the Jets have wanted to get rid of Bart Scott. Scott had something of a disappointing season. He is also expensive and on the wrong side of 30. Beyond this, the Jets could stand to get faster on the defensive side of the ball. With limited salary cap space, the Jets did not have much of a chance to find his replacement.

Demario Davis might be that replacement. He is a linebacker with 4.5 speed in the 40. He can fly all over the field. It all depends on how quickly the Jets want to bring him along and how ready the Jets think he is ready to contribute. Rex Ryan has given rookies Kyle Wilson and Muhammad Wilkerson big roles right off the bat the last two years so he is not afraid to throw young guys to the fire.

We should know soon how much of a chance Davis will get to play right off the bat. It is also possible they will want him to sit and learn.