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Stephen Hill Draft Profile

The folks at SB Nation Studios produced a video on the newest member of the Jets, Stephen Hill. It is safe to say that for the second time in three years, the Jets have rolled the dice in the second round on an extremely raw talent with the raw athletic ability to potentially become special. It fits Mike Tannenbaum's philosophy. Tannenbaum views only a few players as true difference makers and everybody else as essentially interchangable. When he finds one of those difference makers, he does whatever he can to land said player.

Hill has a size-speed combo that you do not see every day. He learned very little about how to play the wide receiver position properly in Georgia Tech. How much he gets on the field in the short term will depend on how quick of a study he can be learning a more complicated playbook and how to run good routes. His college teammate Demaryius Thomas has grown a lot in two years with the Broncos after coming out with a similar profile.

The video is below.