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2012 NFL Draft: New York Jets Select Stephen Hill With 43rd Pick

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Former Jets deep threat Wesley Walker announced the addition of the Jets' newest deep threat. With the 43rd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Jets took Georgia Tech wide receiver Stephen Hill. The Jets moved up four spots from the 47th pick to take him. They gave up three picks, 2nd rounder (47th), 5th rounder (154th), and one of their 7th round pick (232nd).

Nobody can accuse the Jets of being timid. They are swinging for the fences. With their first two picks, the Jets have taken players with incredible athletic ability with the potential to be elite but also players with very high bust potential. Hill has some absolutely incredible measurables. He is 6'4" 205 pounds with 4.3 40 yard dash speed.

He also only had only 49 catches in his college career in Georgia Tech's heavy run option offense. He ran no route except deep routes. He is pretty much starting from square one as an absurdly raw receiver. It is not clear how much he can contribute right away. He might start off as a guy who just uses his speed to run vertical routes to stretch safeties and create room underneath. He also has a lot of experience run blocking in Paul Johnson's option offense for whatever marginal value receivers add as run blockers.

The trade up was surprising, but the front office was clearly sold on him being a gamebreaker. He certainly has the potential. He might be the big vertical threat the team needs to compliment Santonio Holmes. It all depends on how quick of a learner he can be.