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Quinton Coples Pick Approval Rating


I am well aware that we can only judge this pick properly in a few years, but everybody should have an opinion on things right now. What is your instant feeling?

This pick takes me back to something known as the Planet Theory to which George Young and Bill Parcells subscribed when they ran the Giants. There are only so many huge athletic men on the planet so you take one when presented with the opportunity. We are talking about a guy at 6'5" over 280 pounds clocked at a 4.6 40 time with an incredible 1.63 10 yard split. That is within 0.03 seconds of Oregon speed back LeMichael James. He's really big and really fast. He also benched 225 pounds 25 times. That is crazy.

We have all heard the Vernon Gholston comparisons because of a hot and cold motor. That is one extreme. I can give you another guy with freakish size and athleticism who had motor concerns. His name was Jason Pierre-Paul. We can focus on how things will look if this does not pan out, but the upside here is huge. Imagine adding a freakish pass rusher to the corps of lockdown corners the Jets have.

My approval on this pick depends on the Jets using him as a premium position. Rex Ryan has indicated he will play on the defensive line. I hope that means a position designed to rush the passer like 4-3 defensive end, not a position to tie up blockers like 3-4 end. It would feel like a waste of his athletic skills. I am looking forward to seeing what he can do.

I think I approve the pick. How about you?