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Chad Reuter's 7 Round Mock Draft: Jets

Getty Images writer Chad Reuter has just published a full 256 pick mock draft. Anyone who has tried to do a complete first round mock draft will know how difficult it can be, so to complete a full 7 round mock for all teams involved is a great effort.

His choices for the Jets are pretty interesting, these are our base picks not considering compensatory ones:

16. New York Jets: Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa. The team has reportedly tried to trade starting right tackle Wayne Hunter in the past. Reiff could fill in at that spot right away if Rex Ryan finally finds a taker before, during or after the draft.

47. Jets: Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina. Jeffery's size and length nicely complement the speed of Santonio Holmes.

77. Jets: Bruce Irvin, OLB/DE, West Virginia. Pass-rush specialist who gets his shot as a 3-4 linebacker after being miscast as a DE at West Virginia.

154. Jets: Ronald Leary, OG, Memphis

187. Jets: Brandon Marshall, LB, Nevada

202. Jets: Coryell Judie, CB, Texas A&M

203. Jets: Evan Rodriguez, FB/TE, Temple

232. Jets: Jerron McMillian, SS, Maine

242. Jets: Ernest Owusu, DE, California

244. Jets: T.J. Graham, WR, North Carolina State

Interesting points are that the Jets don't address the safety position until round 7 and our pass rusher comes in the form of a pure 3rd down pass rusher in the 3rd round. I do like Reiff at #16, I think he'll be a great player in the NFL and we need to sure up that right side of the line. I'm not too fond of the Evan Rodriguez selection as he has Dwight Jones falling to the very bottom of the 6th so I would rather we take Jones at 203 and then another linebacker at 244. Unless I am being blind, I can't see Demario Davis in this mock at all which must just be an oversight by Chad as there is no chance in hell he doesn't get drafted. I would swap him in for Brandon Marshall.

You have to appreciate the work that goes into a project like this and he did a much better job than I could ever do, but if the Jets walked away with this draft. I would be a little disappointed.