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Flight Connections 04-21-12


NY Jets Cap explains why there's little chance that Darrelle Revis will holdout again. shares video of Mike Tannenbaum's predraft news conference, and the transcript as well. Mark Sanchez says he's thrilled to work with Tim Tebow.

JetNation: Move on from 2011.

The Jets Blog: Updated Jets player interest list.

Ben Shpigel: The Jets are on the board and on the fence.

Peter King selects Memphis DT Dontari Poe for the Jets.

Arrowhead Pride selects Notre Dame S Harrison Smith for the Jets' second round.

ESPN New York takes a look at RBs, TEs, and OLs in the draft.

The Star-Ledger takes a look at the top WRs in the draft.

NYJets OTP takes a look at the top safety prospects. wonders why there are so many Jets fans in Miami.

Former Jets OL Coach Doug Marrone looks forward to leading Syracuse.

Former Jets QB Kellen Clemens will continue playing for the Rams.

Former Jets TE Joel Dreessen looks forward to playing for the Broncos.

The Jaguars gain insight into free agents by meeting with their wives.

The Vikings just might leave Minnesota if not given more money.