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Flight Connections 04-02-12

Ggnfcrex_medium Woody Johnson helps open the NFL's new pop-up store.

Star-Ledger: Tim Tebow is a motivator in the locker room.

New York Times: The mania for Tebow is rooted in big moments.

Wall Street Journal: The Jets have Tebow. Now what? The Jets are trying to limit Tebow's exposure.

Daily News: Tebow believes in separation of church and mates.

JetNation: Confessions of a Tebow hater.

ESPN New York: What coaches are saying about Tebow.

Urban Meyer talked about Tebow.

Pete Carroll talked about Mark Sanchez.

Bob Raissman: Rex Ryan, Tebow and Sanchez would be perfect for "Hard Knocks".

AFC East Blog: The Jets have a good track record with trades.

Infinite Jets: Number 11, part 3.

New York Times: Being a football fan in the concussion era.

OSN: The Jets worry that Tebow will be distracted by the wild New York churchlife.