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Jets Take Melvin Ingram in SB Nation Writers' Mock Draft

Yesterday I asked whom the Jets should pick in the SB Nation writers' mock draft over on Mocking the Draft. The majority of the comments indicated Melvin Ingram was the obvious pick. I agreed with the majority and selected Ingram at 16th overall.

Even though Rex Ryan is known for his love of getting after quarterbacks, the Jets have not made getting pass rushers a priority during his tenure. They have opted for developmental players (Jamaal Westerman), cheap veteran signings (Jason Taylor), and scrap heap pickups (Aaron Maybin). Rumors are swirling that Ryan wants to change that and add a difference maker at outside linebacker and loves Ingram. It makes sense. He loves to move his pass rushers all over, and Ingram lined up at linebacker, defensive end, and defensive tackle at South Carolina.

For more reaction on the pick, including SB Nation Draft expert Dan Kadar's take, head over to Mocking the Draft.