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"We Are Open To All Scenarios"- Mike Tannenbaum

Ed Valentine regional editor of SB Nation New York had a little snippet from Mike Tannenbaum on his pre-draft conference, where he stated:

"We're sitting here with 10 picks as of now. We'll see how things unfold," Tannenbaum said. "Could we slide up or back? We're gonna be open to all scenarios." I really don't know what we're going to do, but I do like the flex. of having the 10."

We do have 10 selections but in reality only 6 of those selections can be traded in the draft, compensatory draft picks can not be traded. I know we like to say that Mike Tannenbaum is an agressive general manager who won't be trading down. However I'm not ready to pigeonhole Mike T. Moving down in round one, may allow him to move up in round 2. It completely depends on how the draft board falls.

When Mike says we are open to all scenarios, for once, I actually believe him.