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Tim Tebow to Move Around on Offense and Special Teams

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ESPN is reporting Tim Tebow will see varied roles within the Jets offense.

He will be used as an H-Back, a fullback and as a running back, ESPN's Sal Paolantonio reported Monday morning.

And, oh yes, special teams coach Mike Westhoff is planning to use Tebow as the "personal protector" on the punt team.

The Jets are trying to convince people the trade was a football move so they are going to do stuff like this. Putting him as a back probably gives the defense a bit extra to think about, but expectations should be tempered in a big way. He has never played those positions before. He has to learn technique like blocking, running routes, catching the ball, reading coverages, and similar things. Most transitions take time for a quarterback. Most of them end up being unsuccessful.

Tebow getting carries as a tailback isn't a lock to work either. Part of the reason he is successful as a running quarterback is he carries the ball in favorable situations. Most of his runs are either scrambles on passing plays where he sees open field in front of him or keeps on options where he reads the blocking and holds onto the ball only if he sees a lane. He is a bit slow for the position.

The personal protector thing is a head scratcher. That's an unheralded job, but it is very important. That guy is the last line of defense from preventing a punt from getting blocked. How is a guy who has never blocked before the most qualified man for that job? Heck, one of the few ways to justify Eric Smith's continued employment is his good work in that spot. I get that he can be a weapon on fakes, but just sneak him in there when you want to run a fake.

I'd rather see the Jets use guys who actually play these positions man them. Tebow adds an extra element since he can throw, but it feels like Brian Schottenheimer logic to have him out there just to mess with a defense's head.