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Jets Sign DeAngelo Smith and DE Jay Richardson

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As expected and reported last week, the Jets signed DeAngelo Smith the safety, but they also added DE Jay Richardson to the squad as well. I don't personally think either signing is something to get excited about.

Jets confirm that they have signed S DeAngelo Smith. Also announce they have signed DE Jay Richardson.

DeAngelo Smith was a 5th round selection in the 2009 draft for the Browns. He spent some time bounding around, with a short stint in Detroit before being signed back to the Browns practise squad.

As far as I can see Smith last played in 2009 making one start with the Lions. A camp body and nothing more by the looks of it.

Jay Richardson was a 5th round pick by the Raiders in 2007 from Ohio State. He made a good start to his career with 7 sacks his first three seasons, but was last seen playing for Seattle in 2010-2011. The Raiders released Richardson in 2010 after coming to an injury settlement after knee surgery sidlined Jay for some time. At 6'6 and 280, he certainly has the size, but most who have seen Jay since his injury confirm that he just doesn't look the same.

It's two players with something to prove, what's the worst that can happen?