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Bold Predictions for the 2012-2013 Season

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Every Sunday during the season, NFL Network does a segment called "Bold Predictions," where the hosts make wild guesses about things that are going to happen during the slate of games that day. They could include Dan Orlovsky throwing for 400 yards and three touchdowns, or a certain team upsetting the heavy favorite. The key theme is that they are bold, in that it would likely take a stretch of imagination or something very surprising for them to come true.

Before the draft begins, I am curious as to what all of your Bold Predictions are for this coming season. They could be about a certain draft pick, a statistical season for a certain player, or about the team as a whole. Ideas include the Jets trading up to say, #4 to take Trent Richardson, Rex Ryan being fired at the end of the season, etc.

My Bold Predictions for this year are as follows:

  1. Under the Ground and Pound philosophy, Shonn Greene rushes for over 2,000 yards.
  2. Mark Sanchez has a statistical career year and is elected to his first Pro Bowl.
  3. After seeing very little playing time in the wake of Sanchez's fantastic year, Tim Tebow is traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a sixth round pick.
What do you all think? What are your Bold Predictions for the season?