QB or WR, who makes WHO?

Hello fellow GGN'ers , I must say after reading all of the pre draft Mocks that you all have put up in recent weeks that i am truly baffled that a large portion of our fans seem to think that a WR would make our QB a much better QB, I have to disagree with this belief...that is the reason i am making this post, to find out why you guys feel this way.

Now, lets take a case in point example of what a WR can do for a QB and vice versa, I will use Santonio Holmes and show some stats of his for the past few years BEFORE he came to the Jets and AFTER...

2008 was his LOWEST professional output prior to becoming a Jet, he had 821 yards on 55 receptions

2009 was his HIGHEST production season, he had 79 catches 1,248 yards

now he becomes a Jet in 2010, no longer having Big Ben lobbing him the ball

2010 52 catches 746 yards

2011 51 catches 654 yards

BOTH of those totals are LOWER than any previous season he has ever played in the NFL, do you think its because Holmes is now a "Bum' ? or maybe its because of the lack of ability we have at QB? I hate to say it but its definetly our QB..

That is what brings me to Mike Wallace of the Steelers, do you guys really think that Wallace is just a great WR that will change the way our Offense produces? Wallace was a 3rd round pick that has put up great numbers in Pittsburg, he took Santonio Holmes 'spot' , the same spot that MADE Holmes a better WR but the difference is the QB getting him the ball, personally I think Holmes is 20 times better a WR than Wallace but with Sanchez throwing the ball behind him he cant make the catches he could in Pitt...I noticed a few fanposts saying we should trade our 1st round pick for Mike Wallace ( lol, no joke ) and I have seen alot of people hopping on the WR wagon for the Jets to waste our pick on a WR in the 1st round to help Sanchez out, I say its bullshit because WR is definetly not our biggest need, do you guys think that NO other WRs can catch a ball? HELL YES they all can catch, they have played this game for years but they cant catch a dam ball that is 3 yards behind them or 10 feet over thier heads.

Back on Topic, the question posed was who do you think is responsible for most of an Offenses success, is it the QB or the WR? I vote QB, how do you vote ?

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