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Jim Leonhard "Jets could be the best situation for me"

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The ever reliable Jenny Vrentas of the Star Ledger caught up with fan favourite Jim Leonhard today as he signed photos for fans out on Long Island, could he return to the Jets?

"There’s still a very good possibility it could be the best situation for me,You never know. Things could change in the next two weeks with the draft; things could be better here, better there. It’s just hard to try to predict the future, and that’s been the hardest part."

First of all let me say how much I think of Jim. He had a lot to do with our success in 2009 and 2010, a quarterback on the defense who always gave 100% every time he hit the field. However right now he is rehabbing his second major injury in two years. Tearing a Patellar Tendon is a very serious issue for any athlete, especially one who is approaching that magical age of 30.

. "Knowing this defense and how it works, you honestly can never have too many safeties; we're not opposed to having three to four on the field at the same time. It's not something where once they signed (Landry), we said our future is definitely elsewhere. You never know. I know Rex, and I know the defensive staff. I know the defense is a great fit for me, it's just when the time comes, is it going to be the right situation?"

This is a very good point, especially with the way the league is going. Jim won't be coming back as a starting player, but as a situational guy who will still see plenty of the field throughout the year. Right now we have three safeties signed for 2012. We have to wait and see what happens as Jim says, but he mentioned his representatives have had some good conversations with the Jets brass. I think we want to bolster our safeties this off-season but having a head like Jim to teach the defence to incoming guys like Landry and any safety we may draft is a logical move.

Yes he is coming off two surgeries, yes he is about to hit the wrong side of 30, but no I don't think he is done. I would be willing to put a bet on that Jimmy will be back with the Jets for 2012. Would I want to rely on him as a starter? definitely not. As a situational guy though, sign me up.