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Is Bart Scott This Year's Alan Faneca?

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Since the night the season ended, we have heard rumblings the Jets want to part ways with Bart Scott. Since he is still on the roster right now, it might seem like he is coming back. Bart seems to think so.I am not so sure about that. There are a lot of parallels with a recent move the team made.

Two years ago, we heard some of the same rumblings about Alan Faneca. Faneca remained with the Jets through late April. Then the team took Vladimir Ducasse in the second round. Once an apparent replacement was on the team, Faneca was given his walking papers within 24 hours. Obviously Ducasse did not end up getting the starting job, but the thought process was clear. The Jets held onto Faneca in case they could not find a replacement. Once the team thought it had one, he was gone.

We might end up seeing the same thing this year. Numerous reports indicate the Jets want to get rid of Scott. Bart's play was somewhat disappointing in 2011. It seems like the team might feel his best days are gone. It is tough to question the move then. If there is one area where the front office has a lot of credibility, it is knowing when to let go. There have not been many (if any) instances of the Jets letting somebody go recently and it coming back to bite them.

Scott is a highly paid two down linebacker. When the other team spreads the field, he has to come off it because the Jets already have David Harris to play linebacker. Harris is a great run stuffer. The Jets need a more athletic partner who can cover tight ends better. If the Jets find that guy in the early rounds, Bart might be sent packing.