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Jets May Be Considering Lavonte David In the 2nd

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Everything regarding the draft is pure guess work, sometimes you hear from some reliable people that we may be considering a certain stratergy in a certain round, it doesn't mean it's happening it just means it's being talked about. Well last night I heard that the Jets are taking a good look at Lavonte David, the Nebraska linebacker for their second round selection. Sitting back and thinking about it, it made a lot of sense to me.

If for example we do want to double dip at the outside linebacker position, picking up a compliment coverage player to the first round pass rusher would make a lot of sense. Although a little undersized, there is a lot to like about Lavonte, including his range to cover underneath. A little speed and coverage in the linebacking unit is something that this team really needs.

David is a sideline to sideline linebacker and his 4.65 forty at the combine just emphasised what we already knew, he has plenty of pace. He also changes direction smoothly whether running in zone or man to man situations. With the ability to fall out and cover the flats and the running backs coming out of the backfield.

If you talk to any scouts about the game that Lavonte possesses, the first thing they will throw at you is instincts. His play recognition is among the elite in the draft, he is stout against the run despite his smaller stature and he absorbs contact well. His ability to recognise and diagnose the run and not be fooled on play-action and misdirection, and then have the ability to run in coverage means that he is a three down linebacker at the next level.

I think when watching Lavonte he excels in underneath zone coverage, showing excellent body control . ESPN rated him exceptional (the higest possible grade available) in Instincts/Recognition, Range v The Run, 3rd Down Capabilities and above average in tackling ability. Simply put, Lavonte is one of the better all around linebacker prospects in the draft.