The 2002 NY Jets?

2012 has the potential to be one of the most interesting and significant seasons ever to happen in the NFL. Outstanding rookie Cam Newton gets a year older, Andy Dalton and the Stripes attempt reach the next level, and Sam Bradford gets a chance to prove that Jeff Fischer, Brian Schottenheimer, and himself aren't complete failures. The expected arrivals of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin look like fun along with new rules and new uniforms. O yeah the Saints dont have a Coach and Tom Brady is 1 Year closer to Retirement.

On To our beloved New York Jets:

Can anybody remember the last time the Jets won the AFC East? It seems as if this division has been dominated by the evil in UGGZ up north for as long as i can remember. Well, Gang Green's last division title was exactly 10 years ago in the 02-03 season. If you cant remember the craziness that happened that season, make the jump and i'll do my best to refresh your memory.

very quickly- 2002 was the start of the New NFL.

The Texans were Born, along with alot of realignment, Reebok took over, New rotating schedules, New Playoff Format.

So in a Nutshell:

The Jets had just come off a 10-6 season (2001) in which 1st year coach Herm Edwards led the Jets into the playoffs only to get dismissed early by the then dominant Raiders. The 2nd year coach would attempt to improve in 2002, and with an amazing start to the season, Winning in Buffalo 37-31 in OT. The Jets (1-0) would then head back home for there home opener where new sensation Tom Brady and the Patsies would vaporize us 44-7. The Jets (1-1) would go on to lose there next 3 games (Mia, Jac, KC) by a combined score of 87-31. In the KC game, Vinny T got hurt and The NY Jets (1-4) were thrusted blindly into the Chad Pennington era. We won our next game vs the Vikings and stayed home to play the then competent Browns. We lost in an ugly one 24-21, a crushing loss that would lead to one of sports most famous speeches by a coach. I'll let Herm tell you what the best part about sports is.

After that, The Jets (2-5) went on an inspired run, winning there next 4 games with a combined score of 119-50. very impressive, Herm Edwards was praised everywhere, even after a tough fought loss at Oakland the week after, losing 26-20, The Jets (6-6) had life and were playing inspired football. Gang Green went 3-1 after that finishing at 9-7.

The UGGZ and Phins also finished 9-7 resulting in a 3 way tie for 1st, but with a better record in common games than NE (8-4 v 7-5) and a better division record than Mia (4-2 v 2-4) The Jets were awarded the divison title along with the only playoff berth in the division.

I think everyone knows what happened in Wild Card Week 1. The Jets (9-7) Hosted The Colts (10-6), and won 41-0. Some argue this moment in NYJ history as there best memory. I personally like the whooping of the Pats in Foxboro divisional 2011, but both are strong arguments.

There you have it. Our last Division title. Its not crazy to think we cant do it again this year.

Thanks for reading my first Fan Post.

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