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Wayne Hunter on the Trade Block

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The Daily News says the Jets are looking to move their starting right tackle.

The Daily News has learned that Gang Green has explored trading right tackle Wayne Hunter this offseason. The Jets were engaged in trade discussions involving Hunter with at least one NFC team, but a deal couldn’t be struck, according to sources.

I guess this might explain why the Jets did not cut him. What do they expect to get, though, a set of shoulder pads? Hunter's trade value is extremely limited. He was one of the worst starting tackles in the league. Is anybody going to give up anything for a 30 year old journeyman who will cost over $2 million and is only effective in spot duty? There are going to be plenty of cheaper guys who will be able to do the same in free agency. The haul the Jets would get would probably be similar to the Derrick Mason trade, a conditional pick based on whether he actually can do anything.

I'm glad to see the Jets are not as in love with the idea of keeping Hunter as they claim to be, but the notion of them getting anything in return seems suspect on the surface.