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Schefter: Peyton Manning Wants to Pick New Team Within a Week; Prefers Staying in AFC

Adam Schefter of ESPN says Peyton Manning wants to make a quick decision on his new team and might want to stay in the AFC.

Peyton Manning's camp is aiming to make a decision on where he will play next season within the next week, according to sources, who add that while Manning prefers to stay in the AFC, he is open to playing in the NFC.

There are going to be a million unfounded rumors a day until Manning eventually signs somewhere, but Schefter is the most reliable NFL reporter there is. If he is saying this, he likely got the information from somebody extremely close to Manning. I can only guess the AFC thing is so he can compete against his brother as infrequently as possible.

I think this is good news. Nobody needs anything as drawn out and painful as the LeBron James decision. The Jets also do not need their offseason held hostage waiting for Peyton to move.