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Garrett McIntyre: Stay or Go?

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Garrett McIntyre was one of the last players to make the team out of the preseason. He played his way into a surprise roster spot with strong performances in preseason contests.

McIntyre was supposed to be a special teamer, but he actually got a lot of playing time in some games. Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine were not happy with the job Jamaal Westerman did against the run starting for the injured Bryan Thomas. McIntyre briefly stepped into a starting role. The results were not very good. He consistently lost the point of attack and rarely got to the quarterback as a pass rusher. One of the few times he did, he missed an easy sack on Tim Tebow.

It's tough to have strong feelings on McIntyre. I would not mind having him stick around. He is a minimum wage special teams hustle guy the coaching staff seems to feel has untapped potential. That is the kind of guy who should populate the back end of the roster.

What do you think?