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Ricky Sapp: Stay or Go?

We are going to take a break from Peytongeddon for a moment to talk about Ricky Sapp. The Jets signed him to the practice squad from the Eagles during the season. They called him up to the active roster before the last game of the season, presumably to keep him from being claimed by another team.

Some were surprised when Sapp fell to the fifth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. A number of smart observers, including our own David Wyatt believed he was a good pass rushing prospect. Some concerns about troubles Sapp had with his knee dogged him, and he ended up missing his rookie year after undergoing knee surgery. An apparent falling out between Ricky and the Eagles where Sapp allegedly left the team led to his release.

While his knee is a giant question mark, Sapp is a young cheap guy. I want to see what Rex Ryan can get out of him. I do not want the team to count on him for anything like they depended on Jamaal Westerman a year ago. I still think the Jets need to make a big move at outside linebacker. Anything Sapp can provide would be a bonus.