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Peyton Manning Discussion Thread

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I am putting up a discussion thread to continue the conversation on the Jets' potential pursuit of free agent quarterback Peyton Manning. It has taken over the comments section here at GGN, and I think it has produced some of the highest caliber discussion we have ever seen here. People on both sides of the debate have made compelling points. Although I am in the Manning camp, I think the people who are not are doing a good job making their case.

Some Jets have chimed in today. Muhammad Wilkerson came out in favor of his current quarterback, while LaDainian Tomlinson thinks Manning would be a good fit for the Jets.

So that the discussion stays at the top of the page for now, here is a new thread if you feel like talking about dreams of Peyton Manning in green and white (or Mark Sanchez to turn into a young Peyton Manning). Leave your thoughts below on Peytongeddon and this evolving story.