A big name vs a big talent

This picture is the quarterback some of you (including some unnamed Jets player) want to be the head of the NY Jets. This picture was taken following the 2011 playoff loss to your very on New York Jets. Those of you who think the Jets would be better with 36 year old Peyton Manning, take a good look at this picture. This is the last time the Jets played the Colts. 2011 playoffs. This is Peyton's last game played to date. Jets down 14-16. 4th quarter. Colts scored, and there's 53 seconds on the clock. Not a minute, not 2. 53 seconds. Mark Sanchez (the guy you all want gone) hits Braylon Edwards for an 18 yard completion putting the Jets in field goal range. The Jets win the game on a field goal 17-16.

Despite the obvious cap problems, this is why I'm hoping Manning to the Jets doesn't happen.

Manning is the latest in a list of guys that we put rose colored glasses on and look at who he was and not what he is. He's not Jerry Rice in a Raiders or Seahawks jersey, or Emmit Smith in a Cardinals jersey. He didn't have a decline due to age. He had an injury. I'm not saying he won't be good again. I am saying he's not the same player that you remember. He's another big sack, or big hit away from getting another neck surgery for a damaged nerve, and another season ending injury. Worse yet, he could be like Favre and be injured, but try to play through it, and wind up only being able to throw the ball 20 yards down the field.

Why don't you instead of looking at him as he was, try to look at him with an unbiased view. He will cost big money. He might last at most 2 years, if he's not playing at a high level. He does have injury history and multilple surgeries. He is a good game manager, and a great pre snap quarterback. Does that out weigh the younger, durable, and improving Sanchez?

It's up for debate, and opinions are hard to change. I say, be happy with the quarterback you have, and if he doesn't improve, there's always Eric Barkley, and Landry Jones, and whatever 1 year wonder happens next year. Until then, let's build through the draft and avoid the pricey free agents with big names and stick to players like Sanchez.

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