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Peyton Manning Watch: Jets Expected to Be in the Mix

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Brian Costello says the Jets are interested in potentially signing Peyton Manning, but their degree of interest will depend on the quarterback's health.

The Jets will be right in the middle of it. A source said last night the Jets definitely will explore the possibility of signing Manning. The team needs to see how healthy he is coming off neck surgery before deciding its level of commitment, but it will be in the mix.

It's pretty obvious his health is the key factor in all of this. Manning might not command the contract he got a year ago from the Colts, but he is probably not going to be cheap. Any team that might give him that kind of money and the keys to the most important position on the field would be guilty of malpractice without a thorough examination of his health.

The real question is whether Manning would have any interest in the Jets. People can speculate about whether he would want to play in the same market as his brother, but that is just guessing. Manning holds all of the cards right now, and he has not shown them. My gut tells me the biggest hurdle the Jets will have in luring him is the perception their locker room is a zoo.