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Calvin Pace: Stay or Go?

If is to be believed, Calvin Pace is going to be a Jet next year. The excellent website indicates Pace will cost the Jets $7.348 million against the cap if he is on the team and will cost $9.111 million against the cap if he is cut. Since he will cost the team $1.7 million more if he is cut, which would create a hole in the process, he will probably stay on the team. Since the Jets need to find somebody to fill the other outside linebacker spot, it makes sens to retain Pace.

Pace was signed before the 2008 season. The contract he got was probably too big, but the Jets needed a major talent infusion across the roster. Pace has not been a superstar, but he has been a good starter in his time. I think he actually is the player Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine say Bryan Thomas is. He is a fantastic edge setter against the run. He consistently gets a push into the backfield. He is also a very good complimentary pass rusher. The problem the Jets have right now is they need him to be the primary pass rusher. That is not what Calvin is. They need to find a top flight edge rusher. Pace will look a lot better if he is Robin instead of Batman.

I think Pace should stay. How about you?