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Sunday Morning Developmental Prospect: Sean Cattouse

I've started to look further and further afield for players that could be available in the 5th, 6th and 7th rounds and of course at positions the Jets may look at for depth. Players they can stash on the roster to play specials and develop into a player they can use in their sub and base defence packages.

Yesterday I suggested that we bring in former Cal standout Thomas DeCoud to play free safety for us, and now I'm going back to Cal for a current standout who should be available in the 6th round this year. Former high school quarterback, 3 star defensive back prospect Sean Cattouse who has just completed his senior season with the California Golden Bears.

There is a lot to like about Sean but unlike DeCoud it's not his coverage ability, its his hard hitting tough run defence that you like. I'm not saying he can't cover, not by any means; 24 pass defences and 7 interceptions in 4 years at Cal shows that he can drop back into coverage and make a play on the ball but he does need to develop his skills in this area, especially staying low in his backpedal.

However there is a lot to like about a player who can be had in the later rounds, who hits like a ton of bricks, has excellent size at 6-2 and 211lb's and who seems to have his head screwed on straight. When you read articles about Sean, a lot is said for his leadership on the field. He finished his senior season with 76 tackles, 3.5 for a loss, 1 sack and 2 interceptions to go with 4 pass defences.

He's not a player that you are going to think, he's the best at that. He's just very solid as an all around prospect, he performed well at the combine without being elite which is in line with how a lot of people view him. Just to be clear, Sean is not going to come in and start from day one, but he does have a chance to start in the future and with his nose for the ball and hitting ability he'll be able to work on specials.