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Robert Turner Signs With Rams

The adding mediocre parts of the Jets' offense party continues in St. Louis. Now the Rams have reportedly signed interior backup lineman Robert Turner.

Brian McIntyre of Mac’s Football Blog reports that the Rams have signed offensive lineman Robert Turner, formerly of the Jets.

I never thought a ton of Turner. He looked all right but not dominant when he was in, and he never saw a ton of time anyway. He always seemed more likely to trash talk the wrong guy at the wrong time or take a dumb penalty for a cheap shot. I do not view this as any huge loss.

I am more concerned with the lack of urgency the Jets have shown adding depth to their offensive line. It was painfully thin last year, and this came back to bite them when Nick Mangold got hurt. All they have done to "improve" it has been to add Kris O'Dowd, a guy who has never seen the field in a real NFL game. Turner was not great, but he was certainly a step above what the Jets have now.

This was one of the reasons I was unhappy with the trade for a certain backup quarterback. It goes beyond simply how the trade impacts the team. It felt at the time like the Jets were trying to make people ignore the substantive holes on the roster by making a headline-generating move instead of making sound moves to address holes like this one.

This team needs to get to work finding some line depth.