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New York Jets In A Privileged Position At #16

The more I look into the 2012 NFL draft the more I think the Jets are going to have to do something incredibly stupid to strike out, they're going to have to chase a ball in the dirt. Sitting pretty at '#16 with various areas of the team that could be addressed, the Jets are going to have a range of options where they can go. It's not like with previous years where we have really had to go after one player, although Mike likes to highlight a guy and go all in to get him. Just as we did with the draft, this is the year to be patient and see how the chips fell.

A lot of people here liked our methodical approach to free agency, taking a little bit of a back seat with the likes of the Patriots, Steelers and Packers instead of going in guns blazing, do you feel lukcy punk style with the Redskins, Bucs and Chiefs. I think we could and should do more with NFL free agency with OJ Atogwe still available and I know people like the thought of bringing back Braylon too.

It all means that as we watch the board unravel later this month a lot of players may start to fall. One of Ingram and Upshaw is going to fall. I think there is a slim chance that Trent Richardson falls, and Reiff may even be available. Coples is expected to be gone, but I wouldn't be amazed if he fell too. Floyd will likely still be there and so may Luke Kuechly. Then we have the options with players like Andre Branch/Whitney Mercilus or Cordy Glenn to move back and pick up some extra picks. More picks doesn't mean more selections, but they are good bargaining chips if you have a guy in the 2nd or 3rd round that you really want to move up for; say a Bruce Irvin type.

The whole point is that I can't remember a draft in recent memory where the Jets had as many options as they do right now. They will likely be in the privileged situation of choosing between 4-5 very very good players at #16 or having the oppurtunity to trade back, still pick up a very very good player and put themselves in a better situation to pick up talent on the 2nd day.

There is always a chance that the Jets go guns blazing and trade up to grab someone who we don't need or make Mark Barron the selection at #16 which i expect would bring a chorus of boos to Radio City. However I haven't been more confident about our ability to make a good splash in the draft for a number of years. So feel confident Jets fans.

After the Jump I have put a number of Highlight videos of some of the guys above. It could take some time to load but if you have 20-30 minutes that you want to use up watching some clips, then make the jump.

Melvin Ingram (Above)

Courtney Upshaw (Below)

Michael Floyd

Trent Richardson

Luke Kuechly

Whitney Mercilus