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Connor Orr on a Past Quarterback Controversy's Connor Orr provides a look at an interesting parallel between the Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow quarterback controversy and one from the team's past, the 1979 battle for the starting job between Richard Todd and Matt Robinson.

Back in 1979, after a summer spent trying to stand out, Robinson remembered being the last one out of the locker room after a two-touchdown performance against the Giants in theJets' final preseason game. Walt Michaels, the head coach, pointed at him and said: "You’re my starting quarterback."

It seems like pretty much every writer out there is looking for a fresh take on the Tebow situation, which has led to some bizarre articles in certain publications. I think Orr, on the other hand, hits a grand slam with this piece, a relevant look at how the current situation is linked to a part of team history. The quotes he gets from Robinson relating his own competition with the one to come between Tebow and Sanchez are insightful. Click on the link above and check out this article.