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Some Jets Players Unhappy With Team's Treatment of Tim Tebow

Brian Costello writes today that some Jets are baffled by the way the team is acting in the aftermath of trading for Tim Tebow.

All of the attention on Tebow has some Jets shaking their heads. Several current Jets, who spoke with The Post Saturday, asked not to be quoted but expressed disbelief at the team bringing Tebow in.

The idea of a backup quarterback having a press conference is something they can’t wrap their heads around, and they know it’s just the beginning.

There has been a tendency in similar situations in the past to shoot the messenger. This is not Costello's fault. His job is to keep on top of the pulse of the team. If people tell him things but ask him not to give their name, it is his duty to report it.

This has to stop. Whatever Rex Ryan is doing to try and stop the constant sniping in the media does not seem to be working. He candidly admitted that he did not have the pulse of the locker room during the 2011 season, which led to chemistry issues. Since he made that admission, we have continued to see unnamed sources taking shots at teammates and the team in the paper.

This story does not end there. Damien Woody chimed in on this issue for Costello.

Woody, who is now an ESPN analyst, said the team has contradicted themselves this week. They keep saying Tebow is just a backup quarterback, but then they play into the circus-element of acquiring Tebow with things like Monday’s spectacle that will be broadcast on several TV stations.

"How many times has a backup quarterback had a press conference?" Woody said. "How many times have there been helicopters to meet a backup quarterback at the airport? The organization is saying he’s the backup quarterback. Well, then why do you feel like you have to have a press conference? Why not just do a conference call and call it a day? It’s a marketing ploy."

The more I think about the trade, the less it seems to me like a real football move. It does seem like a marketing/PR move to knock the Giants off the back pages. Instead of looking at real needs, the Jets added a big name spare part. They reportedly did not even pick up the phone to check on Eric Winston, who would have been an excellent right tackle. They already had all the tools necessary to run a very effective Wildcat package.

This move is already causing problems in the locker room. The Jets are about to have an enormous distraction. They can say all they want that Sanchez is the starter. They traded for a high profile quarterback and have already promised to give him snaps at the expense of their starter. They have created a potentially really bad situation.