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2012 NFL Draft Position Break Down: Offensive Tackle

Free agency is winding down, I like the majority of the moves that the Jets have made, I dislike the moves they haven't made. Which means, there are plenty of areas that we still need to upgrade if we hope to finish the 2012 season as Superbowl Champions. We asked you today to vote for the biggest need that still remains, the response was offensive tackle. So for those who do and for those who don't follow college football, here are 20 draft eligable prospects for the offensive line that we could select in one months time.

I've done my best to put these in order. Not in order for the Jets but in general, and obviously I have my own opinions on some of these guys that not all will agree with. Let me know if you find it useful, it's obviously a lot of work but worth it if people enjoy it.

1) Matt Kalil, USC (Top 5 Selection)

Matt Kalili is out of reach for the Jets and he is a stud left tackle waiting to happen. I think he'll go #3 overall to the Vikings and it would be an intelligent selection. He has excellent feet, good athleticism, above average balance and uses his hands well. He does need to get a little stronger, but he'll do that in a year with Minnesota. All around he has everything that you could possibly want from an offensive tackle. Best of luck to Matt in the future, unfortunately it won't be with the Jets.

2) Riley Reiff, Iowa (Top 15 Selection)

I like Iowa lineman, in fact I like Iowa football players in general. They are brought through on tough football, discipline and a high work ethic. Again he has excellent bend and good foot quickness. Is above average in run blocking and keeps his pad level down. For his size he can show explosiveness, extends his length on slide down blocks. Needs to be a little more consistent in the pass blocking game against speed rushers, but as a right tackle in the run game. He would be an excellent addition. I think he may end up in the AFC East, but not with the Jets. The Dolphins could take him at #8 or the Bills at #10.

3) Jonathan Martin, Stanford (First Round Selection)

Now we are getting more into players the Jets will have a shot at. Martin sits into his stance well and again shows good length and balance. Good range to the corner. Usually gets a very nice push off the ball and can make it to the next level. Has good recovery skills if he is beaten off the snap. However he is not the most physical tackle in the draft and his hand placement needs work. He doesn't always get a great punch and will need to get a lot stronger at the next level. I like the athleticism that Martin brings to the table....but he's not physical enough at right tackle for a team wanting to run the football 55%+

4) Cordy Glenn, Georgia (First Round Selection)

One of my favourite prospects in the 2012 draft. Has spent time inside and outside on the line, moved from Guard to tackle at Georgie. I think he is probably more ready to be a guard in the NFL, however as a RT I still think that he can start from day one. As a run blocker he is someone a team will want to take early. He is extremely strong and moves well for such a big man. Adept at pull blocking and moving to the next level. His hand placement is a strength in the run game moving defenders consistently to create running lanes. I think he is a player that the Jets will seriously consider as their first round selection.

5) Mike Adams, Ohio State (First/Second Round Selection)

A polarizing player if I ever have seen one. I watch him in one game, I love his potential. I watch him in another game and I think he has a very high bust potential. He has excellent physical ability with long arms and good athleticism. However his hand placement and footwork need some work. He does keep his base low, but becomes a little extended at time and just looks a little sloppy at times. He needs to use his leverage on a more consistent basis but he does show explosiveness off the snap. High boom/bust player that I now hope the Jets stay clear of.

Join me after the jump for the next 15

6) Bobby Massie, Ole Miss (Secound Round Selection)

Bobby is a player that I absolutely love which is why I have him sixth, in fact I wanted to put him above Mike Adams. At 6'6 and around 320lb's Bobby has very nice size for the right tackle position. When you are looking at a lineman from a program who consistently keep the QB clean and rack up the yards on the ground, you know he has talent. He needs to work on his footwork, but he has very nice strength, his pull blocking and slide down blocking are strengths. He is quick off the snap and has a nice punch. A high motor who needs to work on his hand placement. If we don't address the offensive line in round one and Bobby is here when we select in two. Hard to pass up.

7) Nate Potter, Boise State (Secound/Third Round Selection)

Now Nate is a very athletic prospect but straight away I'm going to say that he is not right for the Jets. He shows good balance and patience in pass protection and he looks good when moving in space. He sits well into his snap and is quick off the snap. However he lacks the strength in his lower and upper body to move anyone off the ball, more a finesse tackle than a power tackle. He is good prospect and I'm sure that a pass happy team will be able to develop him into an above average prospect. However any team looking to really run the ball should stay away

8) Andrew Datko, Florida State (Secound/Third Round Selection)

Andrew has some similar concerns with his game to Potter, and you can also add some concerns with his ability to stay healthy. He has a lot of length to his game and moves out well to block in space. He has very nice footwork and the speed to set the edge against quicker pass rushers. A nice pass rushing prospect who has the frame to add more strength. If he can improve with his strength in the run blocking game, he could develop into a nice prospect all around. However I wouldn't really want the Jets to be the team doing the developing.

9) Zebrie Sanders, Florida State (Third Round Selection)

Another player that I have really soured on over the course of the off-season. I still think that Zebrie has a lot of traits that you love in an offensive tackle. He stays compact and extends his arms well into contact, does a nice job of mirrowing speed rushers and uses his footwork and length to keep his QB clean. However he can get overwhelmed on contact too many times, and wastes too much motion getting out of his stance. He has a thick lower frame but really doesn't use it very well at all. Also un-disciplined with several holding and false start penalties.

10) Levy Adcock, Oklahoma State (Third Round Selection)

First of all Levy has excellent size at 6'6 and 320+lb's. He is naturally a thick player through his lower frame. I think he has some real work to do in pass protection as his hand placement is often outside the pads on rushers and he gets stood up way too much. However if you want a run blocker and we do, he is one of the better run blocking offensive lineman in the draft. Explosive coming off the snap and exhibits a nice punch and drive. Dominates by moving blockers out of the play, in a similar fashion to how Cordy Glenn does. Levy is one of my favourite tackles for the Jets in 2012.

11) Mitchell Schwartz, California (Fourth Round Selection)

Mitchell and Levy are pretty much identical players, however I think Levy is slightly better in the run game and slightly better in pass protection. Mitchell is a 4 year starter who is really a blue collar worker. He creates a very nice push off the line in the run game and really coils and explodes off the snap. Does an excellent job in-line blocking as well as pulling on the move. There is a lot to like about Mitchelle and his run blocking. However his pass protection leaves a lot to be desired, he stands too tall which means he looses leverage quickly, doesn't show the best balance and can get overwhelmed like Zebrie.

12) Matt McCants, Alabama-Birmingham (Fourth Round Selection)

There is a lot to like about McCants but for a tackle he is a little light at just over 290lb's. However he shows excellent poise and patience in run blocking, a wide wingspan and the ability to mirror in pass protection. However strength is a problem here, and he will need to put on an extra 10-15lb's for the next level. Luckily for Matt, he has the frame to do it. His footwork could use work and he will need to maintain and finish his blocks better at the next level. A good prospect for a team looking to develop a left tackle.

13) Brandon Mosley, Auburn (Fourth/Fifth Round Selection)

Brandon is my dark horse in the 2012 offensive tackle class. He almost plays with a violent intensity that most linebackers struggle to match. He'll finish his blocks and really explode out of the coil, has natural strength and power that he uses in the run game. Not the best technician you are ever going to see, and needs to do a better job of getting his hands up before he allows the rusher into his chest. He is none the less a very good run blocking lineman. I think he needs to learn the finer points of blocking and developing his footwork, but a very interesting prospect to store on the roster for a year or so.

14) Matt Reynolds, BYU (Fifth/Sixth Round Selection)

You may well remember that Matt Reynolds was one of the first guys I wrote about in relation to the 2012 NFL draft. He is a guy that I really like. Does his best work at right tackle and is still developing his footwork and technique to be able to play with consistent leverage at the next level. He has strong hands and runs through and finishes his blocks. He does need to work on his pass protection, I think BYU tried to force him into a left tackle role where right tackle is his natural fit. He is a prospect without a doubt.

15) Markus Zusevics, Iowa (Fifth/Sixth Round Selection)

Markus should probably be a lot higher on this selection as he has a blend of size and balance and the ability to get out and block in space. I like the lateral quickness that Markus possesses and the way he gets off the ball in the run blocking game. I honestly think that Markus would benefit from moving inside at the next level with his power in the run game. I think he gets extended too much and although he plays with excellent balance he doesn't always play with excellent balance.

16) James Carmon, Mississippi State (Sixth Round Selection)

A former defensive tackle, James is the definition of a prospect that needs a hell of a lot of work. However at 6'7 and 320lb's he has that athletic ability similar to Cordy Glenn that has me intrigued. Everything about being an offensive lineman needs to be hammered home, however he has excellent strength and his quickness for a man who is 320lb's is unbelievable. He doesn't play with the best leverage or balance, perhaps a move inside to be a mauler would benefit Carmon. I don't think the Jets will or should take him, but I'll be intrgiues to see how and if he develops at the next level.

17) Tom Compton, South Dakota (Sixth/Seventh Round Selection)

We are really getting into the prospects now, and Tom is another right tackle who needs work on his technique and footwork but shows excellent snap off the football. He has a good explosion in the run game and does a good job getting his hands on players to knock them back and out of the play. Again he is another prospect who will need to play with more leverage at the next level if he wants to make a real impact. However he is a right tackle who shows promise and if a team shows patience he could reward them.

18) Marcel Jones, Nebraska (Seventh Round/UDFA Selection)

Got to pop a cornhusker on the list out of respect for Slauson and how he has developed at the next level. Power running is where his head is at and that's never a bad thing for a prospect who you might not even need to draft. He is another player who is a little tight in the hips, who struggles with technique and leverage. However he is another guy who shows some explosion off the football in the running game.

19) Ryan Miller, Colorado (Seventh Round/UDFA Selection)

It really is a broken record down here but there is a reason these guys are bunched together. The key word for a lot of offensive lineman is leverage, leverage and more leverage. However I think that Ryan is better in the pass blocking game that Marcel Jones or James Carmon or Tom Compton. However he doesn't quite explode off the ball in the same manner. He also has good length that allows him to use a good slide to the edge in pass protection.

20) Jeff Adams, Columbia (Seventh Round/UDFA Selection)

I had to put one of the Ivy League guys we focused on a few weeks ago in here. Adams is the best Ivy League prospect this year in my opinion. I have read a lot about him but seen very very little unfortunately, pitfalls of playing in the Ivy League. He has a nice quickness to his game.