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What Is the Biggest Current Hole the Jets Have?

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The Jets still have some pretty significant holes on their roster. The team has scant cap space and will probably not be able to address all of them before the Draft. The team might not even be willing to do so for all we know. Which one do you think the biggest is?

Right Tackle: It is starting to look like the team is willing to roll with Wayne Hunter and Vladimir Ducasse again. They could have created needed cap space by cutting Hunter. They did not for some reason. Now his contract is guaranteed. This one is really tough to figure. The Jets went into 2011 with the same pair, and it was a catastrophe. They showed little to no interest in Eric Winston, an excellent right tackle. They have not been linked with any remaining free agents. In all of the hype of the Tim Tebow trade, nobody seems to notice that the team has not addressed right tackle. It is great to have a power running quarterback for a few plays a game, but a right tackle who blows people off the ball on every running play is much more important to a successful run game.

Wide Receiver: The Jets have only brought in a project player, Chaz Schilens. I think Jeremy Kerley will end up starting if the team does not add anybody else. That might not be such a bad thing. Kerley came on at the end of the year, and Mark Sanchez got comfortable with him. He looks like a quick playmaker. Will he be good enough to keep teams from loading Santonio Holmes' side of the field with defenders, though?

Outside Linebacker: The Jets cannot generate pressure without blitzing and leaving the back of their defense exposed. With the athletes they have in the secondary, they are better equipped than other teams to do that, but it is not ideal. Gang Green now has to choose between giving quarterbacks all day to throw and leaving their corners and safeties on an island. A pass rusher will solve this problem.

Free Safety: LaRon Landry provides a needed and necessary talent infusion to the safety corps. He could be a beast as a playmaker at strong safety. The Jets still need a free safety. As things stand right now, Eric Smith would be alone in deep zone as the last line of defense. If you thought his work playing man to man was ugly, just wait until you watch his limited range allow monster gains as he lets receivers get behind him.

I think right tackle is the most critical since the team wants to pound the ball and give Mark Sanchez, who has not shown much ability to buy himself extra time under pressure, as much time as possible to throw. Free safety is a close second.

How about you?