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The Over Dramatic Reaction is Comical

I have been listening to everything everyone has said about this move, and something doesn't add up. I hear words like "disaster, horrendous, destructive." It's funny to hear all these people act like they know exactly what's going to happen. All the March predictions everyone's making, is not what I have a gripe with though. What I have a problem with, is the inflated sense of importance the media and the fans think they have. If you disagree, let me give you a little exercise. Everyone is scared that the moment Mark starts to struggle, there are going to be thousands of Tebow fanatics calling for Tim's rise to power. Now all of a sudden the Jets front office is going to start listening to all the cries for Tebow, and he becomes the starter.

All I have to say about that is, why would they listen to any of that? If the Jets have proved anything with this trade, it is that they don't care at all what the media or the fans think. Every five minutes I hear about how no one thinks this was a good trade. I can guarantee you, if they didn't listen to everyone with the negativity for the trade, they won't be listening to the negativity from the Tebow fanatics. The only ways I see Tebow becoming the starter of the Jets, are if Mark injures himself, the season is on the verge of being lost, or if they wanted Tebow to be the starter the whole time. The craziness that follows Tebow around, won't be the reason he becomes a starter.

Let's also move away from this feeling that Sanchez is a weak minded guy who will let all of this effect him. Mark is a lot stronger than we all think. There isn't one thing said off the field, last year, that effected his play on the field. Someone calling Sanchez out anonymously didn't cause him to rush his reads/throws. The fault of that lies in the hands of the O-line. As long as the Jets are for real about Sanchez being the starter, he will stay the starter.