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Michael Bush Signs with the Bears

Per the Chicago Bears, RB Michael Bush has been signed for 4 years, $14 million. That averages to about $3.5 million per year. There were those who had discussed signing Bush as a potential backup, but that is now off the table. Presumably, he cost too much for the Jets. As it stands now, the Jets have Shonn Greene, Joe McKnight, Bilial Powell, Tim Tebow (joking, sort of) and various camp bodies to compete in training camp. Since a running back has been drafted every year of the Rex Ryan Era, it is fair to expect the Jets to do the same this year. I'm hoping for David Wilson or Doug Martin. There is breaking word right now that the Dolphins are looking to trade Reggie Bush. Perhaps he could be in the cards, or maybe a play for Matt Forte, now that the Bears have Michael Bush.

I expect to hear soon about more moves to the safety position as well. Hopefully the Jets are looking to sign O.J. Otogwe or Reggie Smith. Jim Leonhard remains a possibility as well. We'll keep you updated as we hear more.

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Edit: The report about the Dolphins trying to trade Reggie Bush was apparently fake. My apologies.