Mike T has successfully turned the jets into the laughing stock of the nfl. Not only did he fully display how he conducts business, he also showed his incompetency by not even being able to read the fine print in a contract. He has no regards for the players as people, i.e, Stanton, who just five days ago was guaranteed by Mike T., a back up position as the number two qb and had already started moving his family to the tri state area. He is now part of a four man QB squad; with such important positions still needing to be addressed like DE, S, RB, WR, OL, it is absolutely shocking that Tebow was brought in.

On top of that, the Jets had a very public discord in their locker room and in the media this last year, that was said to be number one on the agenda heading into this off season. Once again, the front office showed they will tell the team and the fans whatever sounds good and then turn around and make decisions based on income and publicity. This is a horrible situation to throw on top of a team that doesn't need anything except promising ones. This has TROUBLE written all over it! and everyone knows it!

How can you bring the Jets so close to the super bowl, two years in a row, and then turn our team into the animal house. I have no worries that Sanchez wont completely embarrass Tebow in QB comparison, but the media and the out side distractions, that have hobbled this team several times already, will have extreme potential in completely decimating the Gang Green we have come accustomed to.

Tim Tebow is so limited, that when he steps on the field everyone knows its a run play, and if he has to pass, there is a 50/50 chance its going to the other team. I think having him around will only serve as a distraction, and the moves the Jets front office have made (namely Tannenbaum) shows that he is not a capable of being an efficient GM and has left myself and thousands of other jets fans in absolute terror of what he might do next. Or what he has already done.

I'll be praying harder than Tebow, that he is not wearing green and white by opening kick off. For the sake of GANG GREEN, for the sake of WINNING! We the fans pay the players, the owners and the whole freakin NFL; this is our team too and after Eric Mangini, Brian Schottenheimer, Wayne Hunter and now TIM FREAKIN TEBOW...I am in absolute disarray and disbelief, its like a bad dream. Show some class by conducting yourself as man, and dont forget your poorly representing and embarrassing every Jets fan coast to coast mr. Tannenbaum. Its obvious you dont mind, but I do and Im sure some of those athletes on your team do as well

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