Tebow, the Jets, the Draft Day Deal that steals us a Top Pass Rusher

Okay, maybe Crazy Mike still has a few marbles rolling around upside his head that are actually working. The hysteria that has gripped GGN let alone the world after the announcement of the trade the brought Tim Tebow + a 7th Round Draft pick to the Jets in exchange for the Jets current #4 & #6 picks + $2.5 million dollars(management oversight). So while everyone and their mother is wondering how the Jets are going to play Tebow or if he is going to compete for the starter's role or just be a back-up. Just maybe there is an alternate plan in motion behind all this that will make those Tebow # 15 jersey's collector's items in another month.

We here in GGN all or for the most point realize that our biggest need in the off-season is to obtain a pass rushing specialist(s). We have to be able to put more pressure on the opposing QB. We need to get to him before he can hit those big TE's, before he can hit those last gasp completions.

So what if this is Mad Mike's plan: Coming up to the Draft....Mad Mike lets it be known to: St. Louis, sitting # 6 now at the draft, Jacksonville-sitting at #7 and Miami at #8 - that a certain Tim Tebow is available as part of a package to exchange 1st's + a pick coming back to the Jets ( 2nd or 3rd). It would give us an excellent chance to move up and get the prime Pass Rushing specialist we've dreamed of obtaining and an added depth player.

What do you think of this idea and my 1st posting effort here?

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