my 2 cents on tebow

Hello guys in a few days i will show a Def i been thinking in my mind for about 9 years i will give u a hint its designed to slow down the GB NE PITT of the world

on Tim Tebow some of u do not know that i live in SEC Country go hogs tebow was Hyped coming out of high school as a Freshman in college he played off and on could run but little else 2 words came to mind Danny wuffel as his legend grew i through top 5 College player of all time but on my Ps2 i played ncaa 07 08 and saw weakness that i made him have to throw outs and posts and he had a hard time
fast forward to 2010 i was on the chiefs blog AP on draft night and when Denver drafted him i got playful ribbing and i said and i quote oh no we could be the 76 bucs but in 2011 the man showed me a will to win to never quit i love his posvite attude and his assiocaion with the make-a-w ish foundation btw when i was in denver i got a 2001 sports fan on the year plack from them in closed i know some of u hate this deal and i do not blame u but if tebow takes u on the joneney that he did Denver fans buckle up cause some weeks u will have high blood pressure some weeks u will cheer u heart out with that i say good luck to u guys and if he beats my team he earned it

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