Satire: Tebow to play RT; Hunter cut

Just heard over the grapevine that this trade isn't as bad as it originally looks. For starters, Mike and Rex think the Pats want him to help their locker room and play instead of Edelman (or however you spell it).

Secondly, it is true that Hunter has been cut and Tebow will be the starting RT in 2012 protecting Sanchez.

Luckily, Tebow will also play backup QB, FS, 3rd down blitz specialist; special teams, punter, locker room help, religious swami, make lots of endorsements in NY, run the wildcat, leave tickets for Newt Gingrich and Chuck Norris; have Sanchez look over his shoulder and do a few TV ready prayer sessions after a few touchdowns he makes recovering a Sanchez fumble and running into the endzone.

New reports coming in that sound serious... Tebow to play RB and TE also. No really, that one I actually heard someone say on WFAN.

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