I agree we overpaid but...

Come on you guys, it could be much worse.

At the end of last season everyone was saying that we were coddling sanchez. This puts everything sanchez does under a microscope.

People will respond with saying that its dumb because the backup QB, while he may have more support, is not better. I was under the impression that if Sanchez couldnt handle the pressure and sucked we werent gonna be winning the super bowl any time soon with Jason Campbell or Kyle Orton or whoever you wanted behind center.

The lighting a fire under his ass would just be a maneuver to get sanchez to perform better instead of providing him comfort. This move is about as big of a fire you can light.

Also, was Tebow's locker room not one of the most upbeat, best ones it seemed? The broncos seemed to be completely united. I would think that Tebow is more likely to keep the locker room in check rather than cause a whole bunch of disharmony.

On a final note, its not like we paid a shit ton for him. It was just a 4th and 6th rounder. I'd have preferred it was just a 6th or something, but this move isnt one that will fuck over our franchise if it doesnt work out (ie Washington if RG3 is a bust).

Stop making commotion and lets see how this all pans out. If tebow somehow destroys the franchise and Rex and Tanny get fired, feel free to complain. But if it works please remember your initial reaction to it.

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