I just want to start this aricle by saying this, this move is good and bad for us. I am aganist the trade, but i am an optimist and i like to see the good in things. this trade could be a great trade for us, but it could also backfire. hopefully, if the trade happens, it is good for us. Positives- Our offense could be the most unique in the NFL. Think about it, think about who we hired over this offseason, and who we brought in. Tony Sprano(Dolphins), Sanjay Lal(Raiders), Drew Stanton(Lions). These guys are all experienced on offense. We could have the most unique offense in the Nfl, with offensive ideas from 5 different teams if Tebow comes to the JETS. A Broncos-Dolphins-Raiders-Lions-Jets type of offense. that to me, is very scary for opposing defenses. trying to plan for so many types of offenses, that is scary to me as an D-coordinator. Also, trying to plan for 2 different types of qb's on the same team is also very scary. Tebow is one hell of a runner who is like a train when he runs, and even though sanchez is not all that accurate, he can still make throws. Imagine, tebow being the qb on one play, sanchez on the other. how do you plan for a 2 headed juggarnant like that? trying to substitue everyone quickly enough for the play, there will be so many defensive penalities. we might not even have to play offense with all the penalities. Also, tebow is a great leader. he could easily solve our locker room issues. also, he might be open to a position change. TE or LB. just saying. Negatives- Obviously, this is gonna cost us something. money, and a 4th/6th round draft choice. but, we would get a 7th round pick, and don't forget all those composation picks that we have. the draft choices might not affect us all that much. also, how can he coexist with sanchez? both will want to be starters, and that could create competition. sanchez could get upset, but i don't think he will. with the extension we gave him, and him being a professional, i don't think he will take it too hard. tebow might not want ot take a backup role. this could create problems. also, what if he only wants to play qb? what if he doesn't want a position change? that could create problems. Overall, this is a high reward, medium risk situation. a lot of people are calling for mike tanban's head, but i say wait. let's see how this decision goes if it happens. NYJETS ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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